Reb Arele And His Followers In Satmar

In Reb Arele's biography HaRebbe HaKadosh there is a discussion of his following in the town of Satmar (located in Hungary). His followers mainly consisted of working men, but he also recruited some top Yeshiva Bochurim (learned students). Reb Arele played the role of "Rebbe" for his group of followers, yet he refused to take that title. Instead, … Continue reading Reb Arele And His Followers In Satmar


Reb Arele and Self-flagellation

Part of Reb Arele's Derech Hashem was fasting, denying himself pleasures, and other forms of self-denial for the sake of God. One interesting practice Reb Arele had was self-flagellation. This practice was only mentioned once in the Sefer HaRebbe HaKadosh, but stood out me. The practice has a long history in Christianity and Islam, but I … Continue reading Reb Arele and Self-flagellation