Do Hasidic Jews Use Smartphones?

Do Hasidic Jews use smartphones? The answer: some Hasidic Jews do, particularly those that work in business. Although, it's important to note that as a general rule, the Hasidic community frowns upon Internet and Smartphone use. Hasidic leaders see Internet and smartphones as dangerous for many reasons. Two reasons that come to mind immediately: The … Continue reading Do Hasidic Jews Use Smartphones?


The First Time I Encountered Hasidim

I remember the first time I ever encountered Hasidim. I was ten years old and I was staying in a hotel in Boro Park with my parents. We were in town for a family wedding in Flatbush. I grew up in the Midwest and I’d never been to a hotel with a Kosher breakfast. It … Continue reading The First Time I Encountered Hasidim