What is Hasidism in Judaism?

Hasidism is a sect within Orthodox Judaism that emphasizes fervent prayer, maintaining a deep connection with a grand rabbi, insularity, and strict adherence to Jewish law. The sect was founded by the Baal Shem Tov in 18th century Poland. Today, Hasidic Jews primarily live in New York City, London, Antwerp, and all throughout Israel. Hasidism … Continue reading What is Hasidism in Judaism?


Why Do Hasidic Jews Have Sidecurls?

Hasidic Jews wear sidecurls or "peyos" to differentiate themselves from others, as a stringency in Jewish law, and as a mystical/kabbalistic practice. Unsure what I mean by sidecurls? Here is a picture of a Hasidic Jew with sidecurls: Now, let's dig a little deeper to truly understand the three primary reasons why Hasidic Jews wear … Continue reading Why Do Hasidic Jews Have Sidecurls?