Hasidic Vs Orthodox: What’s The Difference?

Hasidic Vs Orthodox. What's the difference? Let me get right down to it: Hasidic Jews are a sect/movement within Orthodox Judaism. All Hasidic Jews are Orthodox, but not all Orthodox Jews are Hasidic. There are various sects within Orthodox Judaism and the Hasidic movement is only one of them. If you are not very familiar … Continue reading Hasidic Vs Orthodox: What’s The Difference?


Education In Satmar

This post is primarily based on the sefer Neitzutzei Tomer,¬†which is a compilation of quotes and stories from Reb Yoel Teitelbaum, the founder of Satmar chassidut. The sefer is broken up into various subjects such as chassidut, Torah learning, holidays, education, shabbat, etc. For those of you that are more visual, here's a picture of … Continue reading Education In Satmar