Toldos Aharon Takanot – Prayer

In my last post I discussed the Sefer Takanot Vehadrachot, which essentially serves as a sort of life guidebook for Toldos Aharon Hasidim. The Sefer includes a compiled list of the main takanot (decrees) that they must live by to stay part of the sect. Now, let’s discuss a few takanot:

1.  Every Hasid (that lives in Jerusalem) must daven at the Toldos Aharon beis medrash at the very least on Shabbat morning and every holiday. Coming on time for davening is a must.  Davening for shacharit (morning prayers) must be at least an hour long and shacharit on shabbos must be at least two hours long. One is allowed to daven for longer than those times, but not for shorter.

2. Every hasid must daven with the nussach (liturgy) of Toldos Aharon. Any hasid that does not, is forbidden from davening out loud.

3. On Friday nights, the hasidim must wear their tallit. During davening, Toldos Aharon hasidim must wear their tallit over their heads or at the very least, during kriat hatorah (reading of the torah).

4. During chazarat hashatz (the repetition of the amida), one is forbidden to learn Torah or say Tehillim. One should instead pay attention to the shaliach tzibur (prayer leader).


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